Kręgosłup, 2010
340 cm, modules up to 30 x 30 x 8 cm
sand with epoxy
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“Our city doesn’t have a spine,“ a friend said when we exchanged ideas about city structures. But in the middle of the Palace of Culture, which marks the centre of the Warsaw, there is  a system that shows similarities to the spinal column of the human body. In the midpoint of the palace tower are 12 elevator shafts in which people are transported daily to 43 floors. The work abstracts the space within the architecture of these elevators, a space which the people occupy and define over time through their usage of the moving lifts, getting in and out at the different floors. Dismembered in its seperate vertebrae, the spinal column is lying on the floor, as if an organ has been removed from the body and relieved of its normal function. And so, the observer has the chance to examine the spine with his own eyes.